Because downtime of elevators and escalators is not an option

During peak hours, the escalators and elevators in your subway or train stations process huge numbers of passengers. So, downtime is not an option because this can lead to unwelcome and potentially hazardous congestion. How can you limit the corresponding risks? How can you raise your maintenance and renovation processes to an even higher level? And what is important in terms of safety?

Our consultants will be happy to come up with some ideas. With their passion for technology and safety, as well as their experience with subway systems from Paris to Istanbul, they can help you make the right choices in construction, renovation, and maintenance. They can provide analyses and advice not only on aspects of installation – such as anti-vandalism solutions – but also on process optimization.


Munich subway (MVG)

“In what areas are we doing a good job with elevator and escalator maintenance? And where can we make further improvements?” Public transport organization MVG put this question to Liftinstituut Solutions. Our assessment team, consisting of experienced escalator and elevator experts and a lead subway assessor, formulated clear answers which gave them something concrete to work with in Munich.

Paris subway (RATP)

With the delivery of hundreds of new escalators for the Paris subway network, RATP did not want to leave anything to chance. For that reason, the company engaged Liftinstituut Solutions to perform an audit at the producer of the escalators. In an atmosphere of pleasant cooperation with the producer, our audit team scrutinized all the processes: from the end inspection to the quality system approach.

RATP chose Liftinstituut Solutions partly because of the unique approach to the assessment. The production processes are managed top-down in real life. For the assessment, Liftinstituut Solutions opted for a bottom-up approach.

Istanbul subway

For Turkish public transport company Metro Istanbul, Liftinstituut Solutions is its go-to partner for escalators and elevators. We helped compile the tender documents for new elevators and escalators and those for inviting maintenance tenders.

Our consultants also provide regular technical inspections. They are happy to give an independent expert opinion on matters of debate between the public transport company and the supplier.