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Four steps to optimise your lift maintenance situation

Maintenance management, it helps to improve quality and availability of lift-units and it helps to reduce costs. But what does maintenance management contain? In this article we elaborate on gaining grip on your maintenance situation in 4 simple steps.

4 simple steps

Recently, Liftinstituut Solutions has completed the first year of maintenance consultancy for a confidential hospitality project. We take this business case as an example to illustrate what maintenance consultancy projects contain in 4 simple steps:

1) Evaluate and review contract
Start with reviewing and evaluating the existing maintenance contract. When improvements are clear, a new contract proposal can be drafted. When the new contract is defined, essential KPI parameters pop out including simple and clear requirements.

2) Evaluate maintenance
The next step of the process is to evaluate maintenance, call out spare part registers of the previous maintenance contract period.

3) Checks at site
The third step is to check at the site. In this case maintenance inspections were performed 3 times during the year. Several items to be improved were reported. The review of maintenance registers and spot checks at the site together with Liftinstituut Solutions experts with their extensive experience, let us to define many items to discuss and improve together with the maintenance company.

4) Collaboration
When it is time to meet up with the maintenance company, the findings need to be discussed. Also, the new maintenance model together with the new contract need to be proposed. Such meetings contain interesting discussions in a useful way. Normally these meetings result into a new contract with the same maintenance company. And, in this case, together with a 35% contract reduction, including spare parts’ costs.

Current situation

At this moment the first year of the new maintenance model with the same service company has ended. The top 3 results of this year are:

  • 99,7 % availability of lifts,
  • 1 call out per unit
  • a 35 % reduced contract amount from the start.

A very pleasing result to our client, obviously. They signed a new consultancy contract with us for the coming three years. Are you interested what we can do in your situation?

Liftinstituut Solutions provides maintenance quality assessments, lift performance analysis, evaluation of major repairs, modernization management and tailor-made services based on your needs.

If you want to know more about our maintenance management consultancy and other services, please visit our website or contact us from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your projects in Eurasia and the Middle East.