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SOLAS Marine levels up lift expertise

SOLAS Marine Services Group is a diversified group of companies that provides professional services in the field of Life Saving Appliances (LSA) and Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA) along with Safety Equipment in Marine Industry since 1988. SOLAS Marine Services represents the world-renowned experts in the field of safety, who are known for their quality and reliability in the Middle East.

Safety first

When safety is the concern, we know, like our client, that no compromise is acceptable. As quality and safety are one of Solas’ assets and improving their marine lift inspections was on the priority list we know what to do. 

To improve their expertise and safety Liftinstituut Solutions provided the EN81-20, EN 81-70 and EN81-1+A3 training, the Marine Lift standard ISO 8383 training and the Final Check training on an installed elevator at site for Solas Technical Team. Solas’ Technical Team consists of qualified engineers and skilled technicians who are trained to service all Fire Fighting and Life Saving equipment as per international standards.

With this theoretical and practical knowledge, the technicians are now perfectly skilled by learning all they need to know about the lift standards and lift standards requirements in the marine area.

Safety expertise satisfies                                          

The EN81 training, ISO 8383 and Final Check training were theoretically and practically executed from 8 to the 10th of April 2019 and were   successfully completed with a > 95% satisfaction rate. As Liftinstituut is a member of the Codes and Standards committee who writes EN Lift codes, and because of our knowledge and experience, our trainers are experienced as the experts in the field. This reflects in an average > 90 % satisfaction rate.

Liftinstituut Solutions training programs concern the following lift expertise:

  • EN81-1+A3, EN81-20, EN81-28, EN81-58, EN81-70, EN81-71, EN81-72, EN115-1+A1,
  • Final Check training at site,
  • Maintenance check training at site,
  • Traffic analysis on lift program,
  • PMT device training

Are you like Solas interested in leveling up your (people’s) lift expertise? Do you want (your experts) to become a Liftinstituut Solutions Certified Lift Inspector? Get in contact with us