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Liftinstituut Solutions provides VT design of Grand Mosque Project in Astana

The Grand Mosque Project consists of wedding hall, conference hall, library, classes, museum, retail stores and grand mosque with a dome of 62meters in diameter and 88,2 meters in height which can accommodate eighteen thousand worshipers. There is also a parking space with 350 car capacity below the mosque. It is one of the biggest mosques in the world.

This temple complex has 13 elevators and 4 escalators to handle people flow from underground parking space to main floor and female praying hall in the upper floor.There is also an elevator in one of the minarets to carry the priest to upper balcony. 

A unique architecture

Since this project has a unique architecture compared to other building designs, special assumptions are made during design stage related to people flow densities and peak times.

Liftinstituut Solutions in this project will be conducting traffic simulations to assist design process, and also overseeing and advising in tender stage by preparing tender documents, comparing offers and crosschecking the shop drawings. Also process checks will be conducted throughout the installation process where handovers will be executed in the name of building contractor.