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Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV celebrates its official opening and upcoming accreditation as a certifying body for elevator inspections

Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV is in the final stage of becoming officially accredited by the Ministry of Justice for elevator inspections on Aruba. With this accreditation, the Caribbean Solutions branch of the global certifying body will be able to help building owners and managers on Aruba to become more aware of the safety and operational reliability of their elevators. To celebrate the opening and upcoming accreditation, the agency organized a launch party on October 3.

Marco Waagmeester, CEO of Liftinstituut Holding: “With the growing flow of tourists and a greater claims culture, hotel owners and managers do not want to leave anything to chance in terms of elevator safety.”

Preventing downtime

“By having a Liftinstituut Solutions quality mark inside the elevator and a certificate in their hand, they will demonstrate that they take their responsibility for elevator safety extremely seriously. If you are held liable as a hotel owner/manager, then you will be able to show with our independent report that you have done all you can to provide a safe elevator.” Waagmeester emphasized that attention to elevator safety also helps ensure that elevators are more reliable operationally: “As a global certifying body we are familiar with every kind of elevator. We are happy to use all this knowledge and expertise for companies and organizations on Aruba.”

“As a sparring partner for elevator technology, not only do we tell them whether their elevator is safe or not, we also provide technical recommendations with a view to preventing or limiting elevator downtime. To date, we have already helped dozens of building owners on Aruba with this.”

A familiar name on Aruba

Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV has been operating on Aruba for some time now: “For example, we handle the inspections for the elevators and escalators at Queen Beatrix International Airport. We also visit a lot of local hotels to train their staff in how to free trapped elevator passengers.”

“With our accreditation for elevator certifications we can now offer them even more added value. That’s because having an approved and reliable elevator means that hotel owners/managers are less likely to have to rescue trapped hotel guests. Their staff can get back to doing what the hoteliers have actually employed them to do.”

A toast to Aruba

The party that Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV organized to celebrate its official opening and upcoming accreditation was held on October 3 at the Aruba Surfside Marina. Waagmeester: “It was a great event. We celebrated the official start of Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV and the upcoming accreditation with numerous guests and interested parties. The event was also a wonderful opportunity for everybody to speak with colleagues in their profession and industry.”

All the building owners and managers who attended the party are very happy with the presence of Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV on Aruba. ‘Their presence will certainly contribute to even greater elevator and escalator safety on Aruba’, was the common view of the attendees at this party.