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Launch LiftInspect Ireland: inspectors trained by Liftinstituut Solutions

Last week was the official launch of Lift Inspect, our partner in Ireland. 

Two-thirds of lifts in Ireland do not receive regular examinations

In Ireland two-thirds of lifts are not receiving the necessary safety inspections as required by law. What would happen if two-thirds of cars on the road were not NCTed? Yet two-thirds of lifts in Ireland do not receive the regular examinations they are required to by law. The launch of a new specialised inspection company for lifts and escalators, Lift Inspect, has heard.

The launch, attended by Minister Charlie Flanagan, local politicians and business people; heard how lifts are required by law to be inspected every six months, independently from maintenance. “Yet two thirds of the current installed lift-base do not receive this required independent safety inspection", Elizabeth Orford, the managing director of Lift Inspect explained. “What also makes Ireland unique is that there is no register of lifts installed in Ireland and we do not know the exact number of lifts in the Irish market. It is a now or never opportunity to start Lift Inspect and to bring the European practices of safety inspections for lifts into the Irish market. We are strongly committed to improving safety levels of lifts and escalators for the Irish public". 

Inspections to the latest health and safety standards and regulation

Lift Inspect's inspectors have been trained by Liftinstituut Solutions and are competent to conduct safety inspections to the latest health and safety standards and regulations. Ms Orford: "60 inspectors will be needed to properly serve the Irish market and the company will soon be seeking people with electrical and/or mechanical engineering qualifications or people with solid experience working with lifts. In our short existence we have experienced the need in the Irish market for safety enhancements and expect to grow rapidly."

Marco Waagmeester, CEO of Liftinstituut Holding: “Our mission is to bring security and trust to passengers and manufacturers. We were involved in drafting up the original European Standards for Lifts and we are the only notified body that can offer worldwide certification for the lift industry. Most European countries follow the international ISO17020 standard for inspection bodies which is proven to enhance safety and guarantees independence, impartiality and technical competence. Irish regulations make reference to competent people, which is a vague phrase and could leave room for interpretation."

Proud partners

"The estimated 20,000 lifts in Ireland that do not receive the ‘thorough examination’ as defined by the Article 53, of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, are a clear safety risk. Lift Inspect is an organisation that we are proud to partner with; to uphold the same quality standards”, Waagmeester said.

Liftinstituut Solutions and Lift Inspect recently signed a licence agreement which enables Lift Inspect to conduct statutory elevator and escalator inspections according to Liftinstituut Solutions standards and branding. Moreover, Liftinstituut Solutions acquired a minority share in Lift Inspect to further strengthen the partnership. More information? Please visit www.liftinspect.ie