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Liftinstituut Solutions provides VT design of Grand Mosque Project in Astana

The Grand Mosque Project consists of wedding hall, conference hall, library, classes, museum, retail stores and grand mosque with a dome of 62meters in diameter and 88,2 meters in height which can accommodate eighteen thousand worshipers. There is also a parking space with 350 car capacity below the mosque. It is one of the biggest mosques in the world.

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 Together with Elevator World Inc., Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. organized the   International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES) 2018. The event took   place on the 15th and 16th of November in Istanbul.

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Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV celebrates its official opening and upcoming accreditation as a certifying body for elevator inspections

Liftinstituut Solutions Caribbean NV is in the final stage of becoming officially accredited by the Ministry of Justice for elevator inspections on Aruba. With this accreditation, the Caribbean Solutions branch of the global certifying body will be able to help building owners and managers on Aruba to become more aware of the safety and operational reliability of their elevators. To celebrate the opening and upcoming accreditation, the agency organized a launch party on October 3.

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Liftinstituut Solutions organizes Elevator & Escalator Symposium 2018

Together with Elevator World Inc., Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. organizes the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES) 2018. The event will take place on the 15th and 16th of November in Istanbul. Professionals from the elevator and escalator industry, architects, developers and owners are invited to a program covering all the topics of safety and new technologies in vertical transportation. Presentations will be offered by international experts, ensuring an exciting platform for discovering new technologies and meeting with professionals. Additionally, IEES offers an opportunity for technology companies to show their new projects and products.

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Launch LiftInspect Ireland: inspectors trained by Liftinstituut Solutions

Last week was the official launch of Lift Inspect, our partner in Ireland. 

Two-thirds of lifts in Ireland do not receive regular examinations

In Ireland two-thirds of lifts are not receiving the necessary safety inspections as required by law. What would happen if two-thirds of cars on the road were not NCTed? Yet two-thirds of lifts in Ireland do not receive the regular examinations they are required to by law. The launch of a new specialised inspection company for lifts and escalators, Lift Inspect, has heard.

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EN 81-20 training for UAE certification and inspection bodies

Thursday 1st of March the Euro-Asian team of Liftinstituut Solutions performed a training in Dubai. Subject of the training were the new requirements which the EN 81-20 standard entails. Audiences were certification and inspection bodies that have their office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Liftinstituut Solutions starts training lift inspectors

Liftinstituut Solutions is keen to make a contribution to international lift safety. This is why we are happy to share the knowledge we have acquired with others all around the world. For a short time now, we have been doing just that by holding training courses for lift inspectors. We train individual engineers to become certified Liftinstituut Solutions Lift Inspectors in their own countries, qualified to inspect lifts for safety.

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Liftinstituut Solutions acquires minority share in Ireland based Lift Inspect Ltd.

Liftinstituut Solutions and Lift Inspect recently signed a licence agreement which enables Lift Inspect to conduct statutory elevator and escalator inspections according to Liftinstituut Solutions standards and branding. Moreover, Liftinstituut Solutions acquired a minority share in Lift Inspect to further strengthen the partnership.

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EU Guidelines implementation of directives based on the new approach (The ‘Blue Guide’) updated

The EU Guide to the implementation of directives based on the New Approach and the Global Approach (the ‘Blue Guide’) was published in 2000 and is now updated. Updating was required to cover new developments and to ensure the broadest possible common understanding on implementation of the New Legislative Framework (NLF) for the marketing of products. This new version of the Guide will therefore build on the past edition, but include new chapters, for example on the obligations of economic operators or accreditation, or completely revised chapters such as those on standardisation or market surveillance.

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