Because a working elevator is vital in healthcare

Elevators are vital arteries inside hospitals and healthcare organizations. They are indispensable in all traffic flows – for patients and staff, for goods, and for waste processing. With more than 80 years’ experience in elevator technology and safety, Liftinstituut Solutions is happy to help you integrate elevators optimally into your logistics and to increase their availability, safety, and accessibility.

We can support you with the planning and design of vertical and horizontal transport systems, we can contribute ideas about materials, we can take charge of the tender process, and we can supervise the final implementation. In everything we do we always think one step ahead. What will happen in an emergency? What if an evacuation is necessary? All this is included in our advice.


Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, Ankara

Liftinstituut Solutions was contracted to help design all the elevators in the new health campus in Ankara. Each hospital tower will contain 13 elevators (a total of 78 elevators). The main hospital will be equipped with approximately 50 elevators. The integrated Ministry of Health building will be equipped with 25 elevators. Liftinstituut Solutions performed traffic calculations and simulations to obtain the best possible elevator configuration.

15 health campus projects in Turkey

Turkish government is rapidly rolling out the construction of 17 health campuses. These big city hospitals are all financed by Public-Private-Partnerships. For 15 health campuses Liftinstituut Solutions has been contracted to help design all the elevators, based on traffic calculations. Furthermore, we take care of the tender process works and project management. We have already completed 3 projects, 12 are ongoing.