Because the travel experience begins on the ground

On the way to the airplane, travelators, escalators, and elevators offer your passengers considerable comfort. A delay due to faults or an incorrect estimate of the number of passengers can easily provide for an unpleasant travel experience. Net result: negative reviews and maybe even a liability issue. Obviously you want to avoid this and to offer your passengers safety at all times.

Liftinstituut Solutions understands that. With our passion for technology and safety and our experience we know precisely what is needed to keep people moving. With new constructions we will therefore happily help you create vertical and horizontal transport systems that are all sustainable and robust. And for existing systems we will happily advise you on modernization and smarter maintenance.


Princess Juliana International Airport

For Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten, Liftinstituut Solutions performed safety checks on the elevators and window cleaning installations. We also trained the employees because they are the first to respond when people are trapped in an elevator.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

For the second-largest hub airport in the world the availability of elevators, escalators, and façade maintenance facilities needs to be at the highest level. That is why Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opts for safety inspections by Liftinstituut Solutions. Our specialists also play an important advisory and support role in projects – remotely starting, operating, and shutting down escalators, travelators, and ramps safely.