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Liftinstituut Solutions: safety expertise since 1933

The consultants from Liftinstituut Solutions have amassed their experience by inspecting and certifying elevators and other types of transport installations. With the extensive knowledge the consultants have gained over many years, they are leaders in elevator safety and reliability – providing advice on vertical transport in general and on elevators, escalators, and window cleaning equipment in particular.

    • For architects
      We help architects make the right choice in terms of numbers, models, and specifications for elevators and escalators. With traffic calculations, for example. Our consultants use the most modern software and are aware of the latest innovations in the elevator industry.
    • For building owners
      We help building owners reduce their total cost of ownership with our Elevator Assist program. For example, we can determine the maintenance required for every elevator and the right time to renovate. We also produce long-term maintenance budgets and supervise elevator renovations. This work is based on site surveys.
    • For elevator manufacturers
      We also support manufacturers and installers with the design of new elevators. In particular, we check whether their plans and solutions comply with European and worldwide standards. Almost all our work is related to international codes and standards, such as the European Elevator Directive, the European Machinery Directive, and the standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.  

All over the world

With our roots in the Netherlands, Liftinstituut Solutions has grown into a major organization. Not only in the Netherlands, where we are the market leader, but also all over the world. Our HQ is in Amsterdam, and we have a regional office in Turkey.

We employ numerous experts in elevator technology as well as specialists in various fields like electronics, electrical engineering, hydraulics, and mechanical engineering. We also work closely with the Delft University of Technology and authorities on elevator safety and safe working conditions. This combined expertise and experience makes Liftinstituut Solutions one of the leading experts in the safety of elevators and other systems for the vertical transport of people and goods. As a result, you will find Liftinstituut Solutions active all over the world.

Sharing knowledge

Liftinstituut Solutions also provides information about safety and regulations relating to elevators and other vertical transport installations. This information is aimed at architects, builders, elevator technicians, building owners, users, and emergency workers. To maintain and extend our expertise, we participate in regular meetings with experts in our industry. We are also involved in standardization committees for codes and standards.

Proud member of CTBUH AND UITP

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